1.Do you offer other sized than listed?

Yes we do , we can make any size gi.  Please pay for gi, screenshot the receipt and email to info@znationmartialarts.com with your size request.

2.  Do you allow returns?

Yes, if returned within the 30-day return period in original condition there is a 100% back money guarantee

3. Do you have an ambassador/school program?

Yes, Our School Ambassadors that are approved will receive a special coupon code.  Any product sold with that code will pay the Ambassador $50 per Gi after the 30- day return period is expired.  Payments will be made at the companies discretion the following month  however, before months end.

4.  How do I become an associated School or Ambassador?

email info@znationmartialarts.com and please include school name, address , phone number, website address and social media links.  Also include your personal information.  Are you a student? Professor? Rank?