About Us

Martial Arts Uniforms Reimagined.

Shredder was created by martial arts fighters who were tired of traditional uniforms restricting their movement during training and competitions. We achieved this with our patented Z-flex panels that are strategically placed in key movement areas.

Durable and Comfortable

Shredders are the most comfortable martial arts uniform in existence. We use soft inner lining with moisture wicking technology to keep the fighter cool and dry. Every shredder is triple reinforced with fortress stitching to prevent tears and last longer. Our uniforms are guaranteed to never rip or your money back.

Black Belt Approved.

Shredder wanted to prove our uniforms were the best; before launching we vigorously tested them on the mats with only the best fighters available. After years of development we can proudly stand by our uniforms being blackbelt tested and black belt approved.

Community Driven

Shredder is a community driven organization and nothing is more important to us. We actively sponsor and affiliate new fighters to bring awareness to new rising talent.

100% satisfaction Guaranteed

Shredder is committed to the martial arts community and it's fighters. We guarantee 100% customer satisfaction.